The decision by the CAA on the proposed flight path change has been delayed.

The Airport Company has now stated their preference for Option 6 claiming this route, for aircraft taking off to the south *replicates the original Hampton Turn as far as is technically possible, *is safe, and *is compliant with navigational requirements.

What does this mean for Hampton residents? There will be little or no change as Option 6 has been in use for some time and will continue to be used until the Civil Aviation Authority make the final decision – expected in September 2015.

However, during the trials the airport company has identified a problem with some aircraft not flying the intended route when taking off to the south but then turning to go north. As a result, some types of aircraft are flying closer to the village than others and turning sooner than intended – creating unnecessary noise in the Bellemere Road area. In June 2015 a revised route is to be trialled which should ensure that aircraft revert to the centre line of the intended route which is between Hampton-in-Arden and Balsall Common. It is hoped that any revised route will be operational later this year.