Welcome to Catherine-de-Barnes – Now Officially Part of the Parish

As of the 1st of April 2019, the area known as Ward BH07 (the unparished area of Catherine-de-Barnes) is now part of the Parish of Hampton-in-Arden.   The new Parish area has been divided into two wards: the Hampton Ward (which can have up to eight Parish Councillors) and the Catherine-de-Barnes Ward (which can have up to four Parish Councillors).   One of the first jobs the Parish Council will take on will be updating the Hampton-in-Arden Neighbourhood Plan to include the newly parished area into the Plan.  The Parish Council is looking forward to working with the residents of Catherine-de-Barnes and working to give the community and environment the focus and attention required both now and in the future.

Catherine-de-Barnes – Fact File:  The name Catherine-de-Barnes derives from Ketelberne, a 12th century Lord of the Manor.  Since the 19th century the village has colloquially been known as Catney Barnes (and is often abbreviated to Catney). Within Catherine-de-Barnes there is the Boat Inn, Catherine-de-Barnes Cricket Club (which has been in existence since 1949), the Grand Union Canal (which can be accessed via the narrow passageway between the pub and the adjacent bungalows) and Catherine-de-Barnes Village Hall.  There is an active Residents’ Association who run village events and have, to date, monitored local planning applications and promoted and protected village life.  The Parish Council looks forward to working closely with the Residents Association now the whole of Catherine-de-Barnes is part of the Parish.

War Memorial – Damaged Again!

At the beginning of March there was (yet another) unfortunate collision between a heavy good vehicle and the wall around the war memorial – which has resulted in the wall being knocked down again!  We know who is responsible for the accident and the company to whom the HGV belongs to has been contacted.  We are currently in the process of recovering costs and sorting repairs, which we hope will be undertaken shortly.

Traffic Calming – Good News

A meeting was held between the Parish Council and Solihull MBC in February 2019 and we are pleased to report a successful outcome.  We took Solihull MBC through the events of the village meeting held in December 2018 and the various discussion points raised.  As a result of this meeting Solihull MBC have agreed to amend the interim road safety plan for the HS2 Community Fund application as follows:

  • replace the pair of speed cushions close to the church with an informal pedestrian crossing (a raised table across the road with distinctive road markings but no flashing beacons):  The lack of a crossing close to the church was one of the big concerns raised at the village meeting and we are pleased that it is now included in the proposals; and,
  • Provide a build out at the Fentham Road/High Street junction on the High Street side with eastbound traffic having priority.  The build out close to Fentham Road will also provide a crossing point for access to/from the sports club.

Solihull MBC also advised that there are funds available in 2019/20 for parking restrictions on eastbound Meriden Road below the station.  This work should take place early next financial year.

Village Tidy Up – Save The Date

The date of this year’s Village Tidy will be Saturday the 23rd of June between 9.30am and 11.30am!  This is the weekend before the Village Festival to make sure the village is looking its best for the festivities.  We need volunteers to help spruce up the village and so the more the merrier – please come along and show your support.  More details will follow on our website and in our May Newsletter. 4