Parish Council Elections

Parish Councillors are elected for a four year term which ends with the election of a new Parish Council in May 2019.  If you fancy getting more involved in village life and helping towards the maintenance and improvement of our lovely village community then becoming a Parish Councillor may be for you! If you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor please call, or pop in to see, our friendly Parish Clerk (Julie Barnes) to see what is involved.

Nomination papers will be available from Julie in the Parish Office (and will requiring the signature of two supporters).  These must be submitted to Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council between the 27th March to 3rd April 2019.

Pedestrian Safety and Traffic Calming Meeting – A Success!

We were delighted to see so many residents turn up to the meeting held on the 12th December at Fentham Hall – over 130 people were in attendance.  Parish Councillor Ken Blanch presented the proposed Pedestrian Safety and Traffic Calming Plan and provided explanations about the types of traffic calming considered for the village and why certain options had not been taken forward.  The question and answer session at the end provided everyone an opportunity to voice their thoughts and concerns and to have their questions answered.  Ken, Mike Blomer (Chair of the Parish Council) and Ward Councillor Bob Sleigh were able to address a number of issues raised by members of the audience.  A number of actions for both the Parish Council and Solihull Council were noted and will now be pursued.  We will publish a list of these actions and the outcome in relation to each point in the near future.  If you were unable to attend the meeting, a copy of the presentation can be found here:

Even though the meeting has now taken place we are still keen to know your thoughts and encourage you to email your comments to

Village Parking

Residents will be aware that a number of village roads have problems with both illegal and inappropriate parking.  Road safety issues have very recently been discussed in relation to traffic calming, and parking problems have been a part of those discussions.  In particular the following problem areas have been identified:

  • Parking on footways: This blocks the footways to pedestrians (particularly those with prams or mobility scooters) and can force them into the road to pass the parked vehicle.
  • Parking on ‘keep clear’ markings:  The signs are there for a reason! For example the markings at the top of the High Street allow longer vehicles to safely negotiate the sharp bend.
  • Parking close to junctions:  For example, at the top of Marsh Lane.  Turning vehicles off the High Street cannot enter Marsh Lane, causing delays.
  • Parking close to traffic islands:  For example, close to the station, where longer vehicles may have to pass the island on the wrong side of the road.
  • Parking on disabled spaces:  These are for blue badge holders only!

We ask that if you are going to park your vehicle on village roads then please think before you park and respect all other road users, not just motorists, but cyclists and pedestrians as well.