Council Tax Parish Precept

It is pleasing to report that, at their Annual Budget Meeting held on 6th January, Councillors unanimously agreed that there should be no increase in the precept for the next financial year.  It was felt that an increase could not be justified at this time and also the fact that, currently, the Parish Council has fairly healthy reserves.  At the time of writing Solihull Council had still to decide any increase in their Council Tax.

Security Gate on Marsh Lane

The security gate in Hampton’s Marsh Lane is now up and running.  The design of the gate allows access for cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders at all times.  The barrier, installed by Solihull MBC, is intended to put a stop to anti-social behaviour at an isolated spot at the end of the lane close to the River Blythe. This has included fly-tipping and drug taking.  From now on, cars will be prevented from reaching the area at night.  Council operatives will lock and unlock the gate on a daily basis.  The times will vary depending on the time of year (1st April – 30th September 9pm – 7am  and 1st October – 31st March 6pm – 8am).  Exemptions are be applicable to facilitate access for adjacent land owners; any land owner requiring access should have been given a key/code as applicable.

Borough councillor Alison Rolf, who has waged a long campaign for measures to end the Marsh Lane problem, told Parish News there had been a positive response to a public consultation on the security plan.  “A few people raised queries, including a resident of Hampton Court who was concerned that drivers of vehicles with rubbish would simply dump it in the road by the gate if they couldn’t get through. He was told the situation would be closely monitored.”

Increase in Dog Fouling

There is a noticeable increase in dog fouling in many parts of the Parish. The law is very clear in this respect and it is the responsibility of dog owners to clear up after their pets and offenders can receive a substantial fine if convicted.  The Parish Council provides bag dispensers for those who forget their own as well as special disposal bins. In an effort to help to stop this very anti-social behaviour by a small number of dog owners additional bins are to be provided and all bins will be emptied twice weekly rather than once a week. It should be noted that the cost of this clearing up has to be paid for from the Parish Council budget which is funded from resident’s Council tax.

Community Speed Watch

Covid 19 restrictions have caused the suspension of our Speed Watch sessions for the time being.  Regular sessions are regarded as a deterrent to speeding drivers and an effective way of slowing traffic along High Street and Meriden Road and will resume as soon as circumstances permit.

Road Safety and Traffic Calming

Solihull MBC Highways are currently working on the detail design of the agreed interim traffic calming measures for Hampton in Arden.  These measures include four new informal pedestrian crossing together with the necessary signage including two gateways at the village limits on Solihull Road and Meriden Road. Once these are installed, we will review their effect on traffic behaviour to determine if further measures are needed to reduce traffic speeds and improve pedestrian safety.  We are also in the early stages of investigating a traffic calming plan for Catherine de Barnes and will give more details in future newsletters as the proposals are developed.

HS2’s works near Hampton-in-Arden

The major HS2 works are concentrated to the north of the A45 around the site of the new interchange station where new bridges have been constructed.  Through our Parish the on-going works are mainly site clearance and service diversions around Patrick Bridge and the truck stop on the A452 Kenilworth Road.  Major construction work is not expected to start until later this year.