Hampton Community Crafts (HCC), whose motto is Recreational Activities For All, is struggling for survival after suffering a number of setbacks in the past year or so. Illness among the organising committee meant that two fundraising events had to be cancelled, which resulted in the group making a loss for 2018.  The annual Art, Craft and Photography Exhibition due to take place last month was also called off.  However, the Autumn Craft Fair is set to take place as scheduled in the Arden Room at Fentham Hall on November 9th.  This is where students have the opportunity to show their work and offer items for sale. It is a good place to do some shopping for Christmas gifts!

Happily, HCC’s programme of classes for 2019-2000, taking in art and music appreciation classes and learning a foreign language, has remained largely unscathed by the difficulties. Just one class had to be cancelled.   Treasurer Bernice Griffiths told the Parish Council: “We desperately need new blood to help keep this very worthwhile village organisation going. I would ask anyone who is prepared to give us some time to telephone me on 01675 442240.”