We have received the following update leaflet from HS2 in regards to the establishment of a haul route for Berkswell (see below). The short note explains how Balfour Beatty Vinci will establish a continuous haul route in the Parish of Berkswell. The works will include the following:

  • Establishment of the Park Lane Compound on the A452;
  • Creation of a haul route from Park Lane Compound to Truggist Lane/Truggist Hill (including a temporary crossing of Bayleys Brook);
  • Creation of a haul route between Waste Lane and Berkswell Station car park area; and,
  • Construction of the permanent crossing of West Coast Main Line by late-2021

Whilst the works above are completed it will be necessary to use permitted highway routes for vehicle movements to support construction work. These routes are the A452 Kenilworth Road, Kelsey Lane, Waste Lane and Truggist Lane.

Full details can be seen in the note from HS2 below: