HS2 has now cleared both House of Parliament and received Royal Assent. This means that preparatory works can now begin including ground works, moving utilities and environment and habitat protection for wildlife before major construction begins. We understand that later in 2017 major re-design of the Stonebridge roundabout will begin, and we can expect other works on the A45 before rail or Interchange station construction begins in earnest, predicted for 2019.

As work begins we shall be strengthening local liaison with HS2 and its contractors, promised in a code of construction practice. This includes a 24 hour helpline number for complaints and a 24 hour, seven day a week help desk. We shall continue to have regular meetings with HS2 and Solihull officers and bring you latest news and all the contact names and numbers when published.

In the meantime we are actively pursuing funding for our traffic calming plan for the village, and an environment enhancement scheme for the Blythe valley which we hope will provide an important community asset.

Should you have any questions including issues of compensation for property blight follow the website link https://www.gov.uk/claim-compensation-if-affected-by-hs2/overview.