Neighbourhood Plan – Referendum

As our readers are aware, the Hampton-in-Arden Neighbourhood Plan progressed to independent examination in September 2016.  The Examiner’s report was received early in February 2017 and concluded that, as the final part of the plan process, the Neighbourhood Plan should proceed to referendum.  Solihull MBC accepted the inspectors report and recommendations and has arranged for a local referendum to take place.

The referendum for the Hampton-in-Arden Neighbourhood Plan took place on the 6th July.  If more than 50% of voters were in favour of the Plan it will become part of the adopted Solihull Local Plan (produced by Solihull MBC in December 2013).  We look forward to informing you of the outcome of the referendum as soon as we can – keep an eye on our website for updates (

HS2 – Ecology Surveys Have Started

The Parish Council would like to make everyone aware that there will be a number of surveys happening in the area between now and September.  These surveys will largely be ecological and will not be intrusive.  In order to access land for surveys or for any other works, HS2 are now starting to contact landowners to give them notice so you may receive (or may already have received) a letter through the post.

If anyone has any concerns about the surveys or any notice that they have received, please contact the HS2 Helpdesk directly on 020 7944 4908 or

Birmingham Airport – Night Flying Policy

The Night Flying Policy operated by the airport restricts operations between 11.30pm and 6.00am and is monitored by Solihull MBC.  It is a requirement that the Policy is regularly reviewed and the latest review was scheduled for April 2017.  However, following concerns expressed at the Airport Consultative Committee (ACC) in February and at the request of the Airport Company, Solihull MBC has agreed to defer the review until the end of September to enable further discussions to take place.

The Parish Council, along with most other communities in the proximity of the airport, is represented on the ACC (where it is possible to discuss airport operations and make the views and any concerns of residents known to airport officials).  Please do get in touch if you have any matters you would like us to address with the ACC.

Overgrown garden hedges and trees

At this time of year the Parish Council regularly receives complaints about hedges and trees overhanging footpaths in various locations which can cause unnecessary obstructions for pedestrians on some of our narrow footpaths. The High Street in particular is affected and, in places, pedestrians are often forced to walk in the roadway.

The Council respectfully reminds residents that they are responsible for ensuring that any overhanging tree branches and overgrown hedges within their property are kept cut back to ensure safe passage for all pedestrians.