Recreation Ground Car Park Drainage

Work to replace the old brick culvert, into which the car park drainage was connected, with a new 30 cm drain is now complete.  The grass has been reseeded and is starting to grow, and the car park markings have also been repainted (including a disabled bay at the far end near to the Scout and Guide Hut).

The replacement drain has been put to the test with the numerous spells of heavy rainfall we have been experiencing recently and it has passed with flying colours!  This should mean no more flooding in the car park – an unwarranted success.  We would like to thank residents for your patience through the disruption while the work was completed.

A Request…. Hedgerow Cutting

We kindly ask that all property owners in the village that have hedgerows abutting pavements to please remember to cut them back.  With the warmer weather the plants are growing quickly and branches sticking out have the potential to catch both heads and eyes.  This is particularly of concern on the narrow pavements in High Street and Meriden Road.  Cars parked partly on the pavement add to the difficulty, especially for those in wheelchairs or with prams and pushchairs.

Brown Recycling Bins – Is Yours Split?

We are still experiencing problems with split brown bins.  Solihull MBC will replace any damaged bins free of charge.  Please call 0121 704 8000 to report your damaged bin and Solihull MBC will arrange for delivery of a replacement bin and collect your damaged one.  However, due to the high demand for replacements it can take up to 20 working days to receive a replacement bin once ordered.

Solihull MBC have confirmed that some of the bins are very badly damaged and as such have been getting stuck on the vehicle lift when emptying.  This has led to the crews using unsafe practices to remove the stuck bin from the lift.  Therefore, if your bin is very badly damaged the crews may not be able to empty the bin.  When Solihull MBC deliver a replacement bin (assuming one has been ordered) they will remove the full bin.  Please note, the collection crews will still empty bins that are only slightly split.

Solihull MBC have also stated that they will accept recycling in other containers such as bags for life, woven shopping bags and plastic boxes.  There is the option to collect clear sacks for recycling from their walk-in centres as a temporary interim arrangement and to assist where residents have no other form of containment for their recycling.

Station Improvements – Flowers

You may have noticed the new flower planters at the station next to the Village Information Posters.  They certainly help to brighten up the platforms and are an excellent addition in welcoming people to the village.  The planters were installed by West Midlands Trains and planted up by our very own Hampton-in-Arden Gardening Club at the end of May.  We would like to thank both organisations for their involvement in the work.

Potential Parish Boundary Changes – Community Governance Review

In September 2017 Hampton-in-Arden Parish Council agreed to a request from Catherine-de-Barnes Residents Association to initiate a process called a Community Governance (Boundary) Review to consider bringing the unparished are of Catherin-de-Barnes into the Parish of Hampton.

This will unify the Catherine-de-Barnes as part is already within the existing Parish and will lead to more effective local government.

If successful, what changes can be expected?

i) The Parish would be split into two wards –Hampton-in-Arden and Catherine-de-Barnes;

ii) The Parish Council is likely to see an increase in workload (see iii below);

iii)       Each ward would have its own councillors on the Parish Council – 8 for Hampton-in-Arden and 4 for Catherine-de-Barnes; and,

iv) A Precept will be paid by residents of the currently unparished area. The Parish Council would see an increase in income from the additional precept.

Timeline and Next Steps

i) Last consultation ended 15th April 2018. Solihull MBC currently reviewing responses and the final proposal will be put to the Governance Committee on 27th June 2018;

ii) Last consultation period on the final proposal will be published July 2018. Responses will be required by end August 2018.

iii) Governance Committee at Solihull MBC will make final recommendations in September 2018 for final approval by the Full Council in October 2018

iv) If approved, the final reorganisation order will be published by the end October 2018;v) Becomes effective April 2019

If you have any questions about the proposed changes please feel free to contact the Parish Council.