Resurfacing and improved drainage along Station Road is still outstanding in February 2016 despite an email from Network Rail stating ‘I must reassure you on behalf of the residents of Station Road that the resurfacing works to our road will be happening once the drainage has been completed. We have, however been let down by our delivery agents, and have been forced to change delivery path to try to reinject some pace into the programme. It is fortunate that we are having a relatively dry run of weather, because delivery of the drainage scheme is key to reducing flooding risk on the approaches to Birmingham International station, as well as at Hampton in Arden. We are desperately keen to see the scheme delivered, and intensely frustrated ourselves by the lack of progress to date. The new team are making good progress, and the current delivery programme is likely to see us on site commencing the drainage towards the end of July, but as I believe I previously stated, the highway works to Station road will be one of the last elements of work undertaken so that the risk of damage by construction traffic can be minimised. As soon as I have a firm programme, I will ensure that you are provided with details. My expectation at present would be that the scheme will be completed towards the end of 2015’

We have recently requested an update but have had no response.