Airport News

As Parishioners will be aware, the airport operation has, and continues to be, dramatically cut as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. The airport is deemed an essential service and has kept the runway open despite passenger numbers in June hitting levels not seen since 1954.  The development of ‘air-bridges’ provided a modest recovery in numbers from late July but then subsequent quarantine requirements have bought August passenger numbers back to 1984 levels.

Whilst we all might be enjoying the reduced aircraft noise, the airport has made more than 250 job cuts and the Parish Council is increasingly concerned over the long term effect on the local economy and transport links [and we have written to MP Saqib Bhatti about how the government is supporting the long term future of Airports such as Birmingham]. We will continue to engage with the Airport through the Airport Consultative Committee and in particular the noise sub-group to review the 2021 Night Flying Policy and daytime noise limits.

We are also aware of suggestions that Car Park 6 (the Jaguar Land Rover Carpark) may be converted into a ‘Brexit lorry park’. We asked the airport to comment on this and will keep you informed of their response.

Village Tidy Up – Cancelled

It is with regret that the Parish Council has taken the decision to cancel the 2020 Village Tidy Up.  With the new COVID-19 restrictions in place it is felt that this is the most appropriate course of action.  We are hoping that this event can be carried out in 2021 and we will be working with Solihull MBC to set a new date for next year.  We will keep you up to date via our website and Newsletter – watch this space!

Interim Traffic Calming Plan

The Parish Council are very pleased to announce that at a meeting of the SMBC Cabinet on Tuesday 1st September our application for funding under the HS2 Road Safety Fund has been approved.  The traffic calming measures approved include four raised informal crossings – two on the High Street and two on Meriden Road, and associated warning signs.  Solihull MBC Highways will now develop the design and we will keep you informed of progress.  Once installed and operational we will access the effect of these measures on traffic behaviour and speeds to see if further action is justified.

In Catherine de Barnes discussions have started to investigate suitable traffic calming measures for community roads.

Parking in the Village

A reminder to all residents and visitors to avoid parking on pavements and footways.  Whilst this is not illegal, it is if it causes an obstruction to other vehicles or road users.  For instance, if pedestrians are forced to walk in the road to pass a parked vehicle then this is an offence.  This is a particular problem for disabled people and parents with children.  In addition, a reminder that all vehicles must not park on ‘keep clear’ and other road markings, or on disabled parking bays unless displaying blue badges.

If you are going to park your vehicle on village roads then think before you park and respect all other road users not just motorists but cyclists and pedestrians as well.

Remembrance Day

This year Remembrance Day is Sunday 8th November 2020.  As with previous years the High Street will be closed to all vehicles between 10.30 am and 12.00 noon to allow the procession and service to proceed safely.  The exact form of this year’s service, will be dependent on the COVID-19 restrictions applicable at that time and may be subject to changing circumstances.