Following the end of the consultation on the Terms of Reference, Solihull MBC received 80 responses and 90% supported the proposal.  In the event that the Review is ultimately successful in achieving the Parish Council boundary extension, the whole of Catherine-de-Barnes will become part of an enlarged Hampton-in-Arden Parish.

Solihull MBC have now prepared draft proposals which were presented to and approved by the Governance Committee on the 18th January 2018.  A new consultation was launched on 31st January.  This new consultation takes the form of three questions/proposals:

  • Proposal 1: The Council proposes to extend the Hampton in Arden Parish Council boundary to incorporate polling district BH07, creating two wards within the Parish and fixing the ward boundary along Friday Lane and Catherine de Barnes Lane.
    Do you agree with Proposal 1? Yes/No
  • Proposal 2: The Council proposes to retain the current name of Hampton in Arden Parish Council and to name the two wards Catherine de Barnes Ward and Hampton in Arden Ward.
    Do you agree with Proposal 2? Yes/No
  • Proposal 3: The Council proposes to increase the number of parish councillors from 9 to 12 to represent a Hampton in Arden Ward and a Catherine de Barnes Ward with the following ratio: Hampton in Arden Ward : Electorate 1,478 with 8 Parish Councillors and  Catherine de Barnes Ward Electorate 724 with 4 Parish Councillors
    Do you agree with Proposal 3? Yes/No

These questions are listed on the Boundary Change Review Consultation Form (click here).  You can fill in this form with your comments and email or post it back to Solihull MBC.

Solihull MBC and the Parish Council are keen for the outcome of this Review to encompass the broadly held views of the residents of the affected areas.  If you have a clear interest in this review or are impacted by its outcome as a resident, Solihull MBC would like to hear your views and invite submissions and comments in response to the questions posed by the deadline of 15th April 2018.

Residents can view the full report following the last consultation at  (browse meeting agendas and click on 18th January date).  The background to this review, and copies of previous communications can be viewed on our website