Hampton-in-Arden Parish Council has agreed to a request from Catherine de Barnes Residents Association to
initiate a process called a Community Governance (Boundary) Review to consider incorporating the unparished
area of Catherine-de-Barnes into the Hampton Parish.

At present, the village of Catherine-de-Barnes is split between the Hampton-in-Arden Parish Council area
(polling district BH06) and the unparished area to the west of the Grand Union Canal (polling district BH07).  To promote better community cohesion and more effective local government, we are asking for a redrawing of
the boundary so that the whole of the village of Catherine-de-Barnes is within the parish of Hampton-in-Arden.

For more information please read the Possible Boundary Changes Flyer.

Should anyone wish to sign the petition a copy of the signature sheet will also be held in the Parish Office.