If you haven’t already written to SMBC about the proposed Motorway Service Area (MSA) near Catherien-de-Barnes we urge you and your neighbours to do so now as a matter of urgency. As far as we know the application will be heard by the Planning Committee on the 27th April and we need your support in protecting our Green Belt.

Listed below are some possible reasons for objecting and attached to this letter are some more detailed guidelines. We would be grateful if you could please compose you own letter or e-mail as these carry more influence.

  • The proposed very large site is in the Greenbelt and very special circumstances for development there have not been presented
  • The need has not been proven
  • The MSA is not in the Solihull Local Plan
  • Its construction will result in the loss of high quality agricultural land
  • There is no justifiable need for a hotel and conference centre
  • The site is on a section of motorway that has four lane running and very frequent congestion so safety would be compromised
  • The MSA site is too close to two motorway junctions
  • It is a premature decision as there are improvements to be made at Junction 6 of the M42 and there are major planned developments in the area such as HS2 and UK Central
  • Previous planning decisions about the proposed MSA were made before the Hopwood MSA was opened
  • National Planning policy has changed since the public inquiries of 2001/2009 so their determination is not relevant

Mails or letters should be addressed to Lawrence Osborne (losborne@solihull.gov.uk) at Planning Department, SMBC, Council House, Solihull, B91 3PX.