The Parish Council attended a meeting with the Highways department of Solihull MBC in February 2019.  The events of the village meeting held in December 2018 were discussed and the various points and actions outlined at the meeting were raised.

As a result of the meeting Solihull MBC have agreed to amend the interim road safety plan for the HS2 Community Fund application as follows:

  • replace the pair of speed cushions close to the church with an informal pedestrian crossing (a raised table across the road with distinctive road markings but no flashing beacons):  The lack of a crossing close to the church was one of the big concerns raised at the village meeting and we are pleased that it is now included in the proposals; and,
  • Provide a build out at the Fentham Road/High Street junction on the High Street side with eastbound traffic having priority.  The build out close to Fentham Road will also provide a crossing point for access to/from the sports club.

The budget of £95k (£75k from the HS2 Community fund + £20k from the Parish Council)  does not permit adding anything else at this time.  We are now on the limit when administration and project management costs are added to the capital costs.

Solihull MBC also advised that there are funds available in 2019/20 for parking restriction on eastbound Meriden Road below the station.  This work should take place early next financial year

The Parish Council also discussed other traffic calming measures raised at the Village Meeting with Solihull MBC. These are listed below:

  • Reinstatement of white (centre) line on Meriden Road: Solihull MBC confirmed that this is not planned;
  • Add build outs at Gateways: These are possible inclusions in future overall plan (when funds/budget allows);
  • East extension of 30 mph zone to Patrick Bridge: Solihull MBC rejected this as unenforceable and well beyond village limits;
  • Traffic calming measures for other roads (including Marsh Lane, Fentham Road): These are possible inclusions in future overall plan (when funds/budget allows);
  • Lapwing Roundabout: This may be a possible inclusion in future overall plan (when funds/budgets allows);
  • Diddington Lane: Measures here will be dependent on whether the lane is open or not as part of HS2; and,
  • Average speed cameras: Reconfirmed that it is not Solihull MBC policy to install speed cameras.