Are you concerned about speeding traffic in the village? Are you worried about pedestrian safety?

The Parish Council is pleased to announce that we have finally agreed a proposed Traffic Calming and Pedestrian Safety Plan with Solihull Council.  This Plan includes:

• 8 pairs of speed cushions along Solihull Road, High Street and Meriden Road
• 2 safe crossing points—one near Hampton station and one at the Lapwing Drive footpath where it crosses Meriden Road

The traffic calming measures are designed to slow traffic and will provide a safer environment for pedestrians – an urgent requirement in the village.

We want your feedback – please come along and see the plans, hear the presentation (which explains how and why this Plan has been arrived at) and give us your views.  There will also be a question and answer session.

Ward Councillors Bob Sleigh and Alison Rolf will be in attendance.