The Parish Council is very aware of the growing problem of traffic speeding through the village and concerns about road safety.  Many residents of the Parish will know that recently there was a serious accident near to the station.  Should HS2 go ahead, the Parish Council are mindful that road safety is an issue that will only become more prominent.

In order to address these potential future issues, at our meeting on the 9th November 2016, the Parish Council approved a number of traffic calming proposals which have been submitted to Solihull Council (SMBC) for consideration.  It is hoped that if SMBC will support some of the traffic calming proposals put forward, that an application for funding the necessary work can be made to the HS2 Community and Road Safety Funds.

The Parish Council is committed to pressing for positive action to make our roads safer and will consult with residents when, and if, any firm proposals emerge.