Burglary Prevention

 To help reduce opportunist burglary,especially as we approach the darker evenings, please take note of the following crime prevention advice from your local Neighbourhood Policing Team. Rurals@west-midlands.pnn.police.uk

Burglaries do not only occur in the darker hours but also during the day so always ensure that you lock your windows and doors, including porches when leaving home. It is also important to activate any alarms even if you are only leaving your home for a short while.

In the darker hours leave a light on even if you are at home, houses can often look unoccupied when we are in one room. Consider using light timers if you are returning home after dark.

Do not leave any valuables on display especially near windows where they can easily be seen. Ensure car keys are not within reach and cannot be ‘fished’ from the letterbox or window.

In order to reduce distraction burglaries always ask callers to your door for identification and do not allow unexpected callers into your home without a pre-arranged appointment. To check a caller’s ID with the company they claim to be employed use a phone number from a phonebook not one provided by the caller. Set up a password with the utility companies so when the caller attends your home address for the pre-arranged appointment a special word can be exchanged as additional proof of identity.

  • If you are considering extra security measures for your property, ensure that all products installed are of a British Standard or Secured by Design. For more information on security products please see the following site:


If you are considering a house alarm, ensure that you source any alarm from a reputable company. For more information please see the following site: www.ssaib.co.uk

 Other things you can do to help protect your home:

  • Ensure that all shrubs and hedges do NOT exceed the maximum height of 1m and Tree canopies are lifted to 1.8m.This allows for maximum natural surveillance.
  • Ensure that all fences are the same height as smaller fencing abutting higher fencing acts as a potential climbing aid for offenders. Consider attaching trellis to the top of fencing as this makes climbing over difficult.
  • Ensure that all garden furniture is stored away in a garden shed along with any tools. Secure ladders.
  • Ensure that Wheelie Bins are not stored near to fences or flat roofs to prevent them from being used as climbing aids.