The M42 J6 project is running a competition for local primary and secondary school students to submit art to be put on the hoarding for the bridge at St Peters Lane.
Entries close midnight on 25 November.
The competition is to create a design, or plan of what students would like to see Birmingham look like in 20 years. They are free to use any material they can think of (posters, clay, paint…etc). This is a wonderful opportunity that will see selected student’s submissions locally displayed in the local area.
The winning submissions will be displayed along the hoarding for the bridge at St Peter’s Lane with a special surprise prize for one lucky winner!
They can EITHER email their submissions to M42J6.Office@skanska.co.uk, or post them to: M42 J6 Site Office, Clock Lane, Bickenhill, Solihull, B92 0DX
Further information can be found by on the attached posters: