HS2 – Day Time Road Closure of Meriden Road

Balfour Beatty VINCI (BBV) will carrying out trial hole excavations in the existing verge of the B4102 Meriden Road near to Patrick Farm to identify existing utility services, construct protection slabs over existing utility services and carry out ground condition surveys.  The works will require the closure of the road.

Works are scheduled from Monday 8 March to Tuesday 16 March excluding Saturday and Sunday (subject to weather conditions). The road will be closed between 9.30am and 3.30pm each day.  There will be a fully signed diversion in place during the closure.  Pedestrian access will be maintained throughout the closure.

More detailed information can be found here:  http://hamptoninarden.org.uk/notification-of-temporary…/

Materials Recycling Centre at Arden Brickworks

Solihull Council has recently renewed the licence for the continued use of an area within the quarry at the brickworks for use as a building materials recycling centre for a further 10 years. There are a number of conditions attached to the approval the most relevant being:

  • no materials other than inert construction and demolition waste shall be imported to the site
  • there shall be no burning of waste on the site
  • there shall be no floodlighting or external illumination without the prior approval of Solihull Council
  • the operating hours shall be 08.00 to 18.00 Monday to Friday, 08.00 to 13.00 Saturday and not at any times on Sundays on Bank or Public Holidays

A further condition of this approval is that the operator, Armac Group, should provide contact details for residents who may be affected by noise, unsociable working hours or any activity emanating from the facility which causes distress or concern to be able to register their concerns with the company.

The contact person is Tony Battle emails to Tony.Battle@armacgroup.co.uk or telephone 01675 445300.

Pedestrian Access and Road Safety Improvements

In partnership with Solihull Council Highways, funding has recently been secured to bring forward measures to aid pedestrian access and road safety improvements within the village as part of the first phase of the scheme.  These proposals include four new informal pedestrian crossing points together with signage and improvements to the two gateways at the village limits on Solihull Road and Meriden Road. These will help to aid pedestrian safety and manage traffic within the village.  The proposals include the following:

  • Give Way/Priority Gateway on Solihull Road with traffic exiting the village having priority
  • Informal tabled Pedestrian crossing point close to the church
  • Provide footway around the war memorial, informal tabled crossing point and ban left turn out of Shadow Brook Lane
  • Informal tabled Pedestrian crossing point with footway build out/road narrowing on Meriden Road close to the station
  • Informal tabled Pedestrian crossing point at Diddington Lane by existing footpath from Lapwing Drive
  • Give Way/Priority Gateway on Meriden Road with traffic exiting the village having priority

More information is provided on our website (http://hamptoninarden.org.uk/february-2021-newsletter).  We would urge all residents to look at these proposals and send any comments they may have to the Parish Council.

Increase in Dog Fouling

Unfortunately we continue to see high levels of dog fouling in the village. Residents have access to additional dog bins and bags (in case dog walkers accidentally forget their bags).  The Parish Council has now purchased another bin and placed it just by the Hockey Pitch on the Recreation Ground. Please do remember to make use of the bins and bags provided. Thank you.

Parish Councillor Vacancy

Whilst we can’t promise our meetings will be as lively as those held by Handforth Parish Council and overseen by Jackie Weaver, we do still have a couple of vacancies if anyone is interested in becoming a Parish Councillor and finding out how Parish Council’s really do help and support our local community.  Please get in touch via clerk@hamptoninarden.org.uk if you are interested, it would be lovely to hear from you!